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What are the Best Local SEO Tips for 2016 ? [Updated]

What are the Best Local SEO Tips for 2016

SEO, the process of driving the traffic towards your business is playing a crucial role.

Everyone must be aware of the local SEO as it is one of the most effective strategies for a safe play in gaining importance in the local market. Any business you own, the local step by step strategy is the key to dominate in the local Search Engine Result Pages. Local SEO is the best way of getting visibility, boost your brand name, getting relevant and quality traffic and increase the credibility of your business. Here are some of the techniques that will help gaining prominence in the SERPs:

#1 Business Page Should be Mobile Optimized

The first and foremost tip to run a successful business is to make your website mobile friendly. A report states that people spend approximately 89% of their mobile phone usage time on online applications for searching or online purchasing. People are more inclined towards smart phones, tablets than PCs because no one wants to take the pain of starting a computer of every single thing. So the idea is to create your website mobile friendly because maximum of youngsters use mobile phones for purchases or searching for a restaurant.

#2 Impressive Content

The content plays a vital role in the marketing of a website. If the content is not relevant enough, neither will it dominate on SERPs, nor the users will revisit the website. So one should know the optimum use of Best Local SEO Tips to excel and dominate in the competition. The content should keep the audience mesmerized and forces users visit again and again.

#3 Prominence In Social Media

The content on social networking sites, like Facebook, Twitter is more likely to gain prominence than any other tool, because almost 76% of the marketers use Social Networking Sites. Every outlet, brand, local stores have their Facebook pages which are regulated by the owners of the outlets that help getting traffic to their pages. But posting quality content is one of the foremost essentials of attracting audience. Understanding the needs of the customers plays a vital role in it.

#4 Voice Search

No one wants to get into the chaos of typing, especially when the person is driving, reading or multi-tasking, because with technology, smart phones are being smarter with voice search function. So making sure that the content is equally searchable by voice, as by typing. Many websites are already having that feature. Attached is an image for the analysis of the voice searches done by people:
Google voice search

#5 Local SEO

Whenever you try to search for a restaurant, or an outlet, a pop-up appears asking whether you want Google, know your location or not? Once you hit “allow”, the local restaurants or outlets start showing up on the SERPs to the relevant audience. So make sure that the local pages know the name of you business. Statistics tell us that 50% of the mobile visitors lead local searches visiting local stores within a day and a large number of marketers are adding their local information in the advertisements that makes more than 60%.

google local seo map

#6 Adding Relevant Videos

Videos are still ruling in the race because there is nothing more convenient and easy to learn than a video. It you want to have more page hits, one of the best SEO tip is adding a number of videos that adds value to your content making it more informative and user friendly.

#7 Mobile Application Optimization

The market of the mobile phones is expanding. The younger the generation, the more they are inclined mobile applications. If you have developed a mobile application, the chances are more likely that your website will be visited by more users because the loading is comparatively faster on application.

Gaining prominence is not very complicated. One should be aware of them to win in the rat race, where competitors are many, making competition tough. Being visible on the top on the SERPs is an important and winning task, all you have to do is to identify the weak points that are hindering your website topping in the list of SERPs and work onto it. Also, too much use of the keywords also brings with it a bad impact, which is often called Keyword spam. There are still many websites that overuse keywords which is not the correct way for the optimization. So knowing the pros and cons of it is an easy and mandatory way to bring traffic to your website.

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