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Wondering How To Make Your Lead Generation Rock? Read This!

Wondering How To Make Your Lead Generation Rock_

A lead is when an individual shows interest in purchasing your product or using your services. This can be made possible through some schemes, offers, or with use of relevant information.

A well built marketing strategy is the key to achieve customer’s response. It is a holistic approach and essentially calls for both, inbound and outbound strategies to get into action.

The website and SEO content


Read the below mentioned strategy on how to focus on the buyer  or a regular customer and convert him into a lead

I. The website and SEO content

Remember folks, that, your website is an essential strategy for building high prospect customers turn into leads. The content you upload is going to be the fuel to the website. Follow this-

  • Keep it simple, captivating and lucrative.
  • Focus on the keywords which can draw maximum customers.
  • The content must be SEO optimized. Make it more eye-catching with the use of pictures, videos which speak to the users, graphs, case reports, etc.

lead generation flow


II. Let the social media play

Grab the attention of not only those who make an active web search of your product but also those who spent a lot of their time on social media. You will find lots of potential customers, here!

  • Create an account on LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.
  • Keep updating the relevant social media websites with unique content.
  • Encourage the visitors to share your page with the peers.

Let the social media play

III. Inbound strategies- It says-

  • State clearly what you are offering, say for example “Subscribe here to avail the discount.” Also, make the offer appealing and It should seem benefiting to the user.

Inbound strategies

  • Bring in the opt-in form

This simple form aims to give the customer a “Call To Action”. It has a space where the customer fills in his email address and other details and agrees to receive more information from you. Remember to-

  1. Feature a new opt-in form with every relevant blog post or web page. You have to feature it and not link it!
  2. Keep it simple and include only the required fields.
  3. Make use of promotional offers, discounts, free webinars, ebooks, etc.

Bring in the opt-in form

  • Blogs

Ensure that the blogs are SEO optimized. Encourage the readers to subscribe for more information and further blogs.
Once they do this, they will be more interested in keeping a track of all the recent happenings on your website such as, promotional event, tradeshows, new blogs, reviews, discounts, etc. This can prompt them to subscribe for a demo and can convert them as buyers.


  • Email

Do not consider this as an outdated way to get leads. Keep this as your brand promoting weapon whenever you are hosting any event, releasing out some new information about your products or promoting any service offering.

  • PPC (Pay Per Click) ads

These are your website ads which get displayed when someone makes a Google, Yahoo, or any other website search. It makes easy for your website to gain the attention of the user and click it. You need to pay the relevant search engine when your ad gets clicked.

email lead generation

IV. Outbound techniques

While focusing on the inbound techniques, do not forget to emphasize on the outbound techniques. This has a lot of potential for lead generation, since it is focused for a specific crowd. It includes cold calling, events, promotions, direct mails, etc

  • Direct mails

This applies to all the higher officials and executives who do not have the time to go for a Google search. Send them something in writing and describe what are you offering them. Bring in your creativity in this, and you are bound to acclaim the benefits here as well.

  • Events

After you have banged on with these strategies, one of the most direct ways to promote your brand would be events. So, why not spread some words from your trusted customers, which lets you grab attention not only from the relevant people, but also from the most uninterested ones.

V. The end technique is to keep TESTING and implementing new strategies which works the best for your case.

These are just the basic ways to plan your marketing strategy. This will not only help you get more leads, but will also build trust in your customers. This long term relationship between a seller and buyer would help you easily outweigh your competitors.

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