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5 Simple Social Media Tips to Pump Up Your Sales Instantly

5 Simple Social Media Tips to Pump Up Your Sales Instantly

Social media, in the modern way, has gained a lot of attention from the business sector to amplify their product sales. Why not, it can be used to procure a great relationship between the customers and the dealer!

A few minutes spent daily on the social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or LinkedIn can add volumes of results to your business sales. Follow these 5 simple tips, entirely and see how outstanding the results are-

1. Do a research

Before you plan and execute any strategy for building your business sales, one small tip I would recommend you is to ‘DO A RESEARCH’. It will not only guide a direction to your efforts, but will also boost you to pay more attention for those measures which are bound to give the results, rather than just beating round the bush. So, “Relax…..Think….&….Execute”

Do your honest up-front examination for-

  • Where do you excel? Know what are the best services you can provide.
  • Know who is your target audience. Unless you don’t know this, you cannot successfully aim to hit the ‘bull’s eye’.
    Do a research
  • Next, keep a keen eye on the social media pages which your target audience frequently visits. Find out the list of keywords which they use, most often and what is it they look for.

2. Use it intelligently to generate leads

  • Studies says that, ‘It demands more to get a new customer than it does to hold the existing ones’. To acknowledge this, always let the regular customers avail the benefit of exclusive coupons, offers, discounts, ebooks or any other means which turns out to be a marketing strategy for your business sales.
  • Create a shopping cart so that the customers find it easy to shop the product.
  • Share the recent updates of all the products or the new schemes with all the followers. Also, encourage them to share them so that the chain continues and you can get more of visitors to your page.
    Facebook contests by numbers

3. Use them wildly yet not just for sales

  • I would warn you not to underestimate the power of ‘hashtags’. Hashtag a word or phrase to keep a track of your promoters or to monitor the business sales.
  • Create a Welcome page for the Facebook account where people can first like the page.
  • Other than this, do not only keep your eyes stuck to the figures. Be social, participate in the discussions, even when you are not expecting any sales. Make the whole discussion look more of a conversation rather than just an approach to augment the company sales. This would be highly appreciated by the users.
    Tips for managing social media

4. Keep the regular updates

When it comes to using the social media, you have a bizarre of options available for experimenting upon. Give your customers a new content to see and read whenever they find something about your business on different social media websites. This can be used as

  • Use LinkedIn page to promote the professional information, advice or discussions.
  • Facebook has been used by the users for interesting news items, viewing the multimedia files or for sharing the useful information to the peers.
  • Twitter- It welcomes the customers from all parts of the world to leave their honest reviews. Use this social media to draw your customers into a contest or a Twitter chat. Again, award a random follower to win mouth publicity.
    Twitter chats
  • Use articles, blogs, pictures, videos, quotes, contests, etc. Whatever you do, must be regularly updated and maintained.
    Reasons for using social media

5. Keep a track of every review

In the end, whatever social media you use, must be excellent in terms of customer care service. Take into record of all the reviews you get, from all the websites.

  • For the positive reviews, encourage the user to continue using the product or service. Also, encourage him to share it with his friends so as to obtain the benefits of more recognition to the business.
  • For all the negative reviews, keep an experienced person who knows how to handle such situation well. Apologize and address the query of the customer and try to resolve it as soon as possible.
    keep track on reviews

Try these tips and see how it works out in your case. Follow these tips till the end and within no time, you will achieve great heights in your business.

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