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10 Incredibly Useful SEO Tips For Small Businesses

Useful SEO Tips for Small Business

In this era where things get influenced by the mighty use of the Internet, we all seek for its powerful magic to help us reap some benefits at work. In such cases, small businesses without much of marketing funds plan to encash their efforts with SEO ranking on the search engines so as to capture the Internet users. For this, they need to envisage a proper methodology to make it happen. It’s true that a flawless SEO optimized content for any small business can harness millions of Internet users to it. Therefore, following is a list of 10 incredibly useful SEO tips for small businesses

1. Ensure that your keyword is bound to work

Before heading off to work for a SEO campaign, always study who your audience is going to be and who this content is going to cater to. Keeping that in mind, search for a keyword which is most often used by them. If you want, you can use Google Adwords and for them, which will tell you how often is a particular keyword searched.

Google analytics keyword research

2. Use the keywords correctly

Once you have decided what the keyword is going to be, the next important thing would be the manner in which you make use of it. It is going to prove a very essential tool for the campaign and ideally must be used in the title, subtitle and evenly spread throughout the rest of the content. Consider using the keyword 1-4 times in an article. Also try using the keywords in the navigation bars, URLs, etc. making use of the keyword in such a manner considers your website much more meaningful.

wikipedia keyword research

3. Bring in new hyperlinks

The next thing to keep in mind is to use the keywords specifically so as to bring the audience to a new page through it. That can be done by making use of keywords in the hyperlink. For example, if you have a content about confectionery items and you are making use of cakes as the keyword then you can use the hyperlink as “click here to get your flavor of cakes”. This will land the users to a new page of the website where a new portion of the content is presented. Another way of making this happen is if you can get your website linked to the webpage of other’s website. By doing this, you can boost the number of visitors to your website and this will magnify the rank of your website in Google’s eyes.

click here

4. Always write fresh content

Another important thing to stay alert with is the date when your content gets posted. If the content on your website has not been updated for a long time, Google does not like to share it with its users. Only a content, well researched, fresh and pertaining to the topic gets displayed among the top searched items. What also needs attention is that your content must draw interest in the readers. It should address them effectively and the content should invoke the interest from the readers. This will turn out to be a boon in raising the Google rank of your website. You need not rewrite what has already been discussed, but try to focus on how can you manage to bring more audience to the website by newer aspects of the product. Try adding blogs to the web page, related to what you sell.

fresh content writing

5. Focus on quality instead of quantity

Where some of the websites fail even after providing genuine products is that they just do not break the monotony. They upload lots and lots of text on their web page which bothers the readers and ultimately draws them elsewhere. It is important that you keep the text eye catchy by including lots of picturesque images, videos, facts, quotes, reviews, etc. They can be an easier and a more user friendly way to gather more public to your page. And on top of this, if you manage to incorporate the keyword in your image URL, then the person who does an image search of the related keyword is likely to trail to your webpage.

google image search

6. Pay per click websites can be an add-on

Like the description says, the pay per click cannot be the whole sole solution to your SEO campaign but can decently add more traffic to your website. Such ads are posted right on the top of the search page when someone searches the keyword you use, into Google. Such ads draw attention of the users and are likely to make them click that which gets them directly to your webpage. You can consider this as a marketing strategy after successfully creating a genuine, working website.
pay per click ads

7. Stay active on social media

This is yet another encouraged way to boost the number of visitors to your website and influence the product sales. Take some time out to market your business on the social media. Use the keyword smartly as a link to your website. This will not only grab Google’s attention in terms of page rank, but will also acquire a larger number of audience to your product. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Reddit, are all such social media marketing platforms which can be wisely used.
active on social media

8. Gather attention from the media

Try to gather attention from the local media people and the bloggers in relation to the product you want to sell. This can influence them to write and publish articles related to your service and can help you reap out the benefits. Say if you have a restaurant, then invite the foodie blogger at your place and let him taste what you specialize in. This can help your business attain the eyes of millions of local readers who will follow what his blog says.

facebook ads

9. Give an appropriate NAP details

Google considers those links more authorized and sensible which provides NAP (Name, Address, Phone number) details on the website. Try adding these details no all the linked pages also. This will give a higher ranking to your website.

NAP Details

10. Respond regularly to the reviews

After providing the services, encourage the customers to leave their honest reply and reviews. You can provide them with different websites to leave reviews on so that your product gets a wide recognition. Also, remember to respond to the positive as well as the negative reviews. To the positive ones, thank the customer and encourage them to use the services again and to the negative reviews, appreciate their feedback and ask them to get in touch with the helpdesk and get their problem addressed and resolved. This will give your website higher recognition in front of Google.
reviews & ratings

So, these were 10 essential tips on SEO optimization which can work wonders if you have a small business set-up to enhance your sales, both online as well as offline. Hope they turn out effective and a turning point to escalate the business sales.

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